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The Georgia Court of Appeals’ Jurisdiction

Like the Georgia Supreme Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals exercises purely appellate jurisdiction. As such, a lower trial court must initially enter an order in an underlying case.  After the trial court enters the order, a litigant (after following the appropriate appellate procedure) can appeal the case to the Georgia Court of Appeals. The […]

How the Georgia Court System is Structured

All courts in Georgia comprise a unified and (mostly) uniform judicial system. The judicial system is unified in that it employs a streamlined, simplified hierarchy amongst the different classes of courts; and that the judiciary possesses the supervisory and administrative power to oversee its own functions. The judicial system is uniform in that Georgia counties and cities […]

The Georgia Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction

Based in Atlanta, the Georgia Supreme Court functions as the State’s highest court.  Currently, the Georgia Supreme Court is comprised of nine members, called Justices. The Georgia Supreme Court’s Justices elect from among themselves a Chief Justice, who serves as chief presiding and administrative officer of the Court. A quorum of the Justices is necessary to hear and decide cases. […]

The Georgia Court of Appeals’ Jurisdiction

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